The Sycamore Lane Group

Consultants For Good

What is it?

The Sycamore Lane Group is a network of independent consultants who desire to use their talents and experiences for good in the world. It’s for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who know and invite the challenge of making their own way, but want the support, encouragement, network and mentoring needed to flourish.

We welcome consultants from any discipline. We want to empower you to do the good you are passionate about, make a great living, and manage your own schedule around your priorities, keeping what matters most in the top spots.

What do you get?

  • Personal Fulfillment — You can…
    • Make a difference in the world
    • Work on projects you are passionate about
    • Spend more time with your family
    • Be your own boss
    • Have a network of supportive colleagues
  • Operations Management — We will…
    • Handle all vendor and client contracts
    • Manage all accounting for you including payments, billing and collections
    • Complete all necessary corporate tax filings – you file yours as an independent contractor
    • Offer regular general business support in the form of:
      • Template Proposals & Contracts
      • Best Practices
      • Help Navigating Ethical Dilemmas
      • Answering Simple Business-related Questions
  • Mentoring — You will get…
    • An initial 2-hour meeting with Joel (in-person or via video) to focus and refine your plan & strategy
    • A strategic and business structure to help you succeed
    • 2 months of weekly 30 minute coaching calls to evaluate progress and provide feedback
    • Regular email correspondence for guidance when needed
  • Networking—You will connect with…
    • The other Sycamore Lane Group Consultants at a yearly, in-person retreat to refresh, recharge and cast vision for your upcoming year
    • Influencers in our network who will benefit your efforts
    • Vendors and other professionals who are working to promote good in our communities, nation, and around the world

How does it work?

Our structure is simple and provides you with a strong financial upside as your endeavors succeed. It’s similar to a real estate brokerage model.

  • You are responsible for generating 100% of your own business
    • We will network you, but the Sycamore Lane Group is not a lead-generation service
    • You find and secure the clients that you want to work with. SLG will help prepare proposals, set contracts and review the work
  • You keep 80% of what you bring in through consulting
    • Sycamore Lane uses 20% of your gross consulting revenue to provide the outlined support services, mentoring, coaching and networking
    • You get the remaining 80% for your overhead (cost of goods, marketing, office expenses, etc.) and the rest is your personal income
    • If SLG helps broker vendor relations, percentages will be negotiated between 10-20%.
  • You make an initial $750 investment to join the group
    • This gets you the initial 2-hour consultation, 2 months of weekly 30 minute coaching calls and introduction to valuable people and networks
    • Optional $3,000 additional for SLG to build your website and branding package

Why Join The Sycamore Lane Group?

When I started my own consulting firm after running someone else’s for 10 years, I thought I knew what it would take. I didn’t. My first year was a big struggle, and mostly in the area of operations and support. I was winging it and made a lot of costly mistakes. I knew how to sell, how to consult, and how to build relationships. I didn’t know, or want to spend time on, the critical operations it takes to run a successful business.

Once I hired an operations director, not only did my stress level go down, but my revenue and profit went up. What did I learn from this? I would have gladly given up 20% of my revenue to have gotten this right in the first year. Why? I would have made way more than 20% in additional profit simply by having the operations in place. That’s why our model works – it helps you focus on what is most important to you and what you’re best at – consulting in your area of expertise and passion.


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