“A Season of Leadership” Cohort

Are you someone who is trying to bring truth, goodness, light and life into the world? Does your work or passion project require you to engage in politics, with elected officials, the media or other community leaders? Do you sometimes struggle to know exactly how to effectively do this? Feel like you’re alone in your efforts?

We are assembling a group of 15 Gainesville area leaders from a variety of professions and callings who are eager to grow in these areas. People from any profession, passion project, activist focus or other calling are welcome to apply. If selected, you’ll be a part of a cohort that will meet together as a group once per month, in smaller groups one time per month and 1:1 for mentoring and coaching. Best of all, you’ll gain a new network of friends and fellow fighters for the good that will help you do the good you are seeking to do in the world.


The group is led by Joel Searby, a veteran leader with over a decade of experience in the realm of political campaigning, government affairs, corporate and non-profit strategic planning, leadership development, and faith-based initiatives. Joel has a passion to help emerging leaders be more effective in their efforts to engage community, civic and political leaders and achieve their goals.

The larger group sessions will include networking plus teaching and conversation led by Joel on the basics of effective political, community and media engagement with a focus on your particular needs and challenges. Smaller groups will be formed strategically to maximize the benefit to you and the others in your cohort as you support and encourage one another in your efforts. You will gain a new network of friends and collaborators in Gainesville and beyond to help you in your journey. Additionally, you’ll get 1:1 sessions with Joel throughout your time with the group to help you address your specific challenges and needs.


  • Three-month initial season – April – June 2018
  • One monthly large group meeting (First meeting April 10th, 8am)
  • One monthly small group meeting (time and location determined by group)
  • One 1:1 with Joel over the three month season

How to join the group:

There is no cost to be in this initial cohort, however there is a simple application process. This group of select leaders will be chosen from a pool of applicants made up of leaders from around Alachua County. People from any profession, passion project, activist focus or other calling are welcome to apply. To be considered for the group, please fill out the brief form here and we will follow up with you. If you’re selected, you’ll be notified and further details communicated.